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Rohan Nation tells how survivors of biological warfare
and electro-magnetic pulse fight to defend and reinvent America.
The disasters that lead to the collapse of the U.S. in 2020 and
billions of deaths worldwide are based on sound research and
analysis, the predictable results of on-going mistakes.
ACE, the teenage daughter of a family that prepared for
the worst, and Justin, the young refugee she captures who
becomes her cavalry scout apprentice, struggle to survive in a
post-collapse economy where horses are key to survival.
Despite the dismal future forecast, Rohan Nation provides an uplifting story of love and hope as ACE and Justin pursue their youthful romance while defending their community and rebuilding a responsible society. Readers share in their odyssey into life's fundamental questions, moral and political issues, receiving powerful, moving insights into how we can live better now.
The extraordinary story of survivors reinventing America will hopefully change the way people think and feel about not just politics, but how to lead their lives. ACE's wartime romance with Justin ultimately proves fertile ground for love's enduring miracle.
While set as an action adventure, Rohan Nation is also a Libertarian political philosophy book, an Atlas Shrugged call for a new "responsibility political philosophy" to break the nation's addiction to socialist entitlements and return to Constitutional, strictly limited government, focused on security. The rebirth of America, realistically forecast, told as a future combat thriller, action adventure, romance novel.

About the Author

Dr. Drew Miller researches and writes professionally
for a Department of Defense think tank and serves as
a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. A USAF
Academy and Harvard University graduate, Dr. Miller
served as an intelligence officer in the Air Force, a business
and Pentagon program manager, and an elected official.

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